Geeta career Counselling is one of the most reliable institutes that plays a crucial role in helping individuals to make informed decisions about their careers, explore their potential, and navigate the complex world of work. We empower individuals to take control of their career paths, maximize their opportunities, and find fulfilment and success in their chosen fields.

Many people struggle with choosing a career path due to the vast range of options available. Geeta Career counselling provides guidance in exploring different career options, understanding their requirements, and aligning them with personal goals and aspirations. We helps individuals make informed decisions about their future.

We try to identify skill gaps and suggest ways to develop and enhance the necessary skills for specific career paths for every individual. We provide recommendations for additional education, training programs, certifications, or practical experiences that can strengthen an individual's qualifications and competitiveness in the job market.

We have a team of top career counsellor who guide our students for the best career growth in Hotel Management, Cruise Line and Merchant Navy etc.

Geeta Career Counsellor knows how to set parent and student expectations. We are always open the doors who are willing to pursue their career in the field of Hotel Management, Merchant Navy and Cruise Line..

Our Mission and Vission

We “Geeta Career Counselling” fully understand and appreciate that Knowledge and Education are tools that should empower you to fulfill your career aspirations, create a better future for yourself, and improve your quality of life. Hence all our resources, recommendations & guidance at Geeta Career Counselling are tailored to help you attain that objective.

Education & Career Development is an investment -in terms of time and money. we strive to ensure that you stand to get the maximum possible “return on your INVESTMENT” with Our slogan “एक सोच गांव की ओर, चलो गांव से गांव को बनाएं”