What Is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is the process of giving advice, support and guidance for selecting the right stream after class 10th, and the right career after 12th and graduation. Career confusion and indecision can affect you at any stage of your career, thus it is important to get the right support to resolve it and plan ahead. Geeta career counselling let you explore different career options, their scope, colleges and opportunities, and help you make the right career choice. With a team of career counsellors from Harvard, ISB, IIT and India’s leading psychologists, you can rest assured that you’ll get the most reliable advice and guidance for your career.

What Are Career Assessments?

A Career Assessment is a test designed to understand where your unique set of strengths, aptitudes and skills lie, in order to recommend the right careers for you. The Geeta career counselling Career Assessment is an online career test that evaluates you on 56 parameters across 5 dimensions including Personality, Aptitude, Interest, EQ and Orientation Style, to suggest you top career options. Not only that, you get detailed career development plans and expert guidance within the 34-page career report itself, so you can take the first step towards achieving your career goals. Specifically built for the Indian population, the Geeta career counselling career assessment understands you better to help you make the most accurate and well-informed career decisions. Know More About Career Assessments

What Is Career Guidance?

Career Guidance takes the benefits of career assessments and career counselling to the next level. It is the process where a career guide helps you on your path to career development and career success. Being successful in a career takes extensive efforts, and with an experienced coach/mentor, your career development efforts can find the right direction. Geeta career counselling provide career guidance by building customized career action plans and road map, direct you back to the right path, provide personalized 24x7 support, and help you at every step along the way to a successful career. Such extensive support can definitely help you go a long way in your career! Know More About Career Guidance

Career Counselling in India

Our range of expert and personalised career guidance services are accessible to students and graduates from all across India. For students looking for career counselling in Delhi, we offer our counselling sessions face-to-face, while the same sessions are held in the online mode (through video chat/telephone) for people residing in the rest of India. Rest assured, the same quality of support is maintained in both online and offline forms.